As global leaders convene to sign the landmark UN Climate Accord on Friday, we pause to reflect on our own choices that will surely affect generations that follow. But with so many choices in the auto marketplace, and a Dieselgate shadow that weighs heavy...
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According to a study released today by the Automotive Science Group (ASG), there are instances where the combustion efficiency gains from advanced diesel technologies can provide net benefits in reducing CO2-equivalent emissions, but... Read More
ASG released its 2016 Automotive Performance Index study findings today, highlighting the stark contrast in performance merits that differentiate conventional and alternatively powered cars and SUVs in 2016. According to the study... Read More
With a myriad of eco-branded trucks available in 2015 – from Ford’s EcoBoost and GM’s EcoTec to RAM’s EcoDiesel – the Automotive Science Group (ASG) offers its fourth annual life-cycle study to determine which 2015 truck actually delivers on the “eco” promise... Read More
On the heels of the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Lima, Peru this month, the Automotive Science Group (ASG) released its 2015 Automotive Performance Index findings today... Read More
Following The White House release of the National Climate Assessment yesterday, ASG’s study is a timely example of “actionable science”, one that helps consumers make informed car purchasing decisions that are ecologically sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable... Read More
ASG’s 2014 Study assessed 245 light-duty trucks to trim level detail, annotating the performance differences between trucks with varying cab size, bed length, drivetrain and engine combinations. While these significant differences in trim packages are on par with those distinguishing Crossover SUVs and Full-Size SUVs, truck buyers are offered little distinction in this regard when performance claims are advertised... Read More
ASG’s Automotive Performance Index is for automotive consumers what Google is for web users. Google presents the best of the web to users based on their data-driven page rank technologies. Likewise, ASG optimizes the automotive consumer search using proprietary algorithms and data-driven analysis to ensure the best vehicles are identified and differentiated in the highly competitive marketplace... Read More