The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid’s performance in the Automotive Science Group’s (ASG) 2018 Automotive Performance Index™ (API) Study, proves the benefits of Chrysler’s industry leading move to bring advanced battery electric technologies to the large vehicle segment. With 84 MPG-e, the Pacifica Hybrid reveals new possibilities for fuel economy gains and emission reductions, earning the Pacifica Hybrid ASG’s coveted BEST ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Award.

ASG’s environmental performance analysis is a comprehensive data-driven life-cycle assessment, analyzing environmental factors from raw material extraction and vehicle production through each vehicles’ operational life.

The Pacifica’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) capabilities, with a 33-mile all electric driving range, leverages the increasingly cleaner U.S. power grid as a fuel source to significantly increase the environmental benefits of the PHEV powertrain in 2018, and across future years. The Pacifica Hybrid earned a class leading environmental performance rating in ASG’s Study, outperforming the average vehicle in its segment by 34%, thereby producing 34% less CO2-e emissions over the first 6.5 years in its life-cycle. When looking at all 823 Minivans, Crossovers and SUVs assessed in ASG’s 2018 Study, the Pacifica Hybrid maintained a 24% smaller carbon footprint than the average large vehicle available to North American consumers in 2018.

ASG’s annual Study also found the Pacifica Hybrid to offer the best all-around value and performance in its class, earning ASG’s most privileged distinction as the BEST ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE Award winner in class. To this end, the Pacifica Hybrid establishes a new benchmark for performance and value, earning ASG’s distinguished honors in 2018.


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