The Automotive Science Group's 2016 Study found the Dodge brand to hold the best economic performance across all brand offerings for model year 2016, earning the unique distinction as ASG’s 2016 BEST ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE BRAND.

ASG’ study found Dodge vehicles delivering the best average economic performance score and lowest forecasted purchase and operating costs across each competitive vehicle class, when aggregated and compared against other brands in ASG's 2016 Automotive Performance Index.  

ASG’s 2016 economic performance assessment shows the abridged life-cycle carrying and operating costs of vehicle ownership across brand offerings, to determine the economic benefits of owning and operating conventional and alternatively powered vehicles. The assessment reveals whether in fact the cost premium paid upfront for fuel-efficient, hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric, and battery electric vehicles ultimately lead to net savings over time when compared to conventional counterparts.

The Dodge brand offerings, which are all built on conventional powertrains for the 2016 model lineup, were found to deliver the best economic value in 2016.




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