Ford’s environmental performance in ASG’s 2016 Study further validates the brand's commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental protection, earning Ford the unique distinction as ASG’s 2016 BEST ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE BRAND.

ASG’S 2016 Study found Ford Motor Company to embody exceptional environmental integrity along its production and distribution chains, as well as in the Ford products themselves. In fact, seven Ford models earned recognition in ASG’s 2016 Study, including the Ford Focus Electric, C-MAX Hybrid and Energi, Fiesta, Taurus, Edge, Explorer and Flex. 

ASG’ study also found Ford vehicles delivering the best average environmental performance score and lowest forecasted life-cycle carbon emissions across each competitive vehicle class, when compared against other brands in ASG's 2016 Automotive Performance Assessment (API) for North America. 

ASG’s environmental performance assessment for the Ford brand identified environmental commitments that exceed industry norms in 2016, as follows:

  • Corporate Environmental Policy: managing corporation demonstrates the execution of an Environmental Management System (EMS) for all manufacturing facilities that meet the established industry standard. The benchmark industry standard is ISO 14001;
  • Supplier Environmental Policy: managing corporation requires, at minimum, 80% of all tier one suppliers to demonstrate the execution of an environmental management system that meets the established industry standard, with aggressive goals to bring all suppliers up to this standard. The benchmark industry standard is ISO 14001;
  • Sustainability Report: managing corporation publishes an annual corporate report consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, or equivalent;
  • Efficient & Sustainable Energy Supply Strategy: managing corporation commits to and measures for efficient and renewable energy use throughout product development;
  • Efficient Water Supply Strategy: managing corporation commits to and measures for efficient and sustainable water use throughout product development;
  • Air Quality: managing corporation measures air quality impacts from manufacturing processes and establishes aggressive goals to minimize emissions;
  • Efficient Powertrains & Fuels: managing corporation incorporates efficient powertrains and alternative fuels in product offerings, including hybrid technologies;
  • Commitment to Electromobility Development: managing corporation demonstrates a commitment to electromobility by aggressively developing an electric vehicle accessible to the average consumer;
  • Zero Waste Facilities: managing corporation has landfill free manufacturing facilities on-line and is proceeding to convert all manufacturing facilities to zero waste; and 
  • Corporate Commitment to Biodiversity: managing corporation demonstrates a commitment to biodiversity through partnerships, land conservation efforts, wildlife protection and other. 



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