ASG’s 2016 brand social performance assessment evaluated vehicle production impacts on the people charged with vehicle manufacture and assembly, with the Mercedes-Benz brand demonstrating the best corporate social responsibility initiatives, earning ASG’s BEST SOCIAL PERFORMANCE BRAND award for 2016.

ASG’s 2016 assessment evaluated 21 core social performance areas that are embodied in the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the UN International Labor Organization's Fundamental Human Rights Conventions, and World Bank Governance Indicators.

Mercedes-Benz assembles the vast majority of its vehicles in Germany, a country that holds high labor and environmental protection standards. Mercedes-Benz also builds the SUV line in their U.S. facility in Alabama, paying higher wages to their U.S. employees than any other automaker, with an average factory hourly wage of $65. While consumers expect to pay a price premium for the luxury brand, they are paying for more than just a luxury vehicle, they are paying the real costs to build vehicles with care for the people tasked with vehicle assembly and with care for the environment.

This is a model of cost-internalization that has served Mercedes-Benz well, and is a true model of corporate social responsibility. In fact, Mercedes-Benz reported the the highest annual volume of cars and SUVs sold in its U.S. history in 2015.




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